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June 04, 2023  

For over ten years PAMA has been successfully providing high-quality solutions for many telecommunication and CATV operators over the world. System integration is the core PAMA's activity, we focus maily on television, data and telecommunications systems.

PAMA can react quickly to demanding new problems that arise thank to its open and flexible organisational structure.

PAMA wants to convince customers by providing a high level of quality and reliability. The company observe current market needs; potential customers are treated with respect and kindness. PAMA describes itself as trusted, reliable, innovative, flexible, fast, open, long-term oriented, successful and experienced in its field.

Customers enjoy our expertise in system architecture, design, equipment delivery, installation, commissioning and maintenance


as well as training, supervisory and consultancy. We can provide end-to-end solutions or just certain products for your newly built or upgraded system.

Your projects can be financed through our partner banks' credits and facilitated by governmental export support. Our list of references includes big names from various parts of the world, so why you shouldn't be on the list as well!

ISO Certificate ISO Certificate
ISO 9001 • IQNet • KEMA
CERT. NR. 2004986 - Dutch Counsil For Acredation